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Ligation ( Using T4 DNA Ligase)
1)In molecular biology, DNA ligase is a special type of ligase that can link together two ________ strands that have double-stranded break 

2)The deliberate modifications of an organism's genetic information by directly changing its nucleic acid content is 

3)Sticky ends are created by 

4)Cuts in DNA are sealed with 

5)In order to produce a DNA fragment that can be inserted into the DNA of a second organism one would need to 

6)T4 DNA ligase is similar to E. coli DNA ligase, except that ATP is a cofactor rather than NAD. Besides ligated DNA, another product is 

7)A DNA strand has the following bases: G T C A G C A. What are the bases on its complimentary strand? 

8)If the ambient temperature exceeds Tm, homologous pairing of the sticky ends will not occur because the high temperature disrupts ________

9)The common commercially available DNA ligases were originally discovered in bacteriophage ________ 

10)DNA ligases are used with ___________ to insert DNA fragments into plasmids 

11)The leaving group in an E. coli DNA ligase mediated reaction is 

12)Vectors are


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