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Guanine-Cytosine Content Analysis and Basics of DNA Sequence Statistics




  1. Follow ( https://vlab.amrita.edu/index.php?sub=3&brch=311&sim=1835&cnt=2) to install R in personal computer.
  2. Install sequinR package. Follow the code  




Procedure to calculate GC content in a personal computer


  1. Follow the code in the command window:


        2. Click execute button for output.




The experiment uses “seqinr” library for finding Guanine-Cytosine (GC) content in R programing. GC content is the ratio of Guanine-Cytosine in a nucleotide sequence. First line of code is importing the seqinr library into the workspace. The function “s2c” convert the string into an array and assign to a variable named seq1 and the GC( ) function in seqinr library calculates the GC content of the given nucleotide sequence.


Procedure to work simulator


  1. Paste any DNA sequence in the textbox provided. Click on “ Find GC” button

  2. GC ratio will be displayed in the GUI.






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