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Effects of Carrying Capacity and Satiation in Predator-Prey Dynamics





User Instructions:


The simulator consists of three regions, Input Variables Menu, Simulation control buttons and Result display window. 


Input Variables Menu:


Input variables menu section contains a drop down menu and parameters used in the simulators. The user can change the values according to his/her choice and observe the changes in the result display window.



Using the below mentioned drop down menu the user can select his/her choice.



 The user can select either “Predator without satiation” or “Predator with satiation” from the above mentioned drop down menu.



The user can enter his/her desired values for Initial prey population, Initial predator population, Number of steps, Step size, Rate of growth, Theta value, Encounters result in kill, Predator conversion, Predator death rate, Carrying Capacity.


Simulation Control Buttons:



The above controls section contains buttons related to “Step run”, “Run iteration”, “Pause” and “Reset”. The simulation can be started by clicking on “Run iteration” button. The simulation can be paused by clicking on “Pause” and can be re-setted using “Reset” button.


Result Display Window:



Graphical representation of the result shown for the exercise with the parametric values.





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