Wind energy Labs

Wind is a form of renewable energy which is cheaply available. Wind energy is also a good source of clean and green electricity. The Wind Energy lab imparts with the users an approach to study about the wind characteristics and wind energy harnessing.

Calculating the Average Wind Energy Density (WED) from Actual Wind Data
Wind Modelling Analysis
Learn about the wind distribution pattern of a given location
Wind Tunnel - Pressure
Aerodynamic Pressure distribution study of a Wind Turbine Blade in a Wind Tunnel under constant velocity
Wind Tunnel- Force
Aerodynamic Force Study of a Wind Turbine Blade in a Wind Tunnel with varying velocity
Wind Tunnel - Angle
Aerodynamic force study of a wind turbine blade with varying pitch (Wind tunnel)
Wind Tunnel -Pitot
Velocity profiling of a wind turbine blade and calculation of drag coefficient
Study of Wind Generator Electrical Output Characteristics for different types of airfoil assemblies.
Wind Turbine -Power production in Wind Turbine
Power produced in a wind turbine as a function of Wind Speed
Wind Turbine - Cp Vs λ
Coefficient of Power (COP) vs. Tip Speed Ratio

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