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Titration Curves of Aminoacids
1)The pK1values of glycine is:

2)The amino acid histidine is a ________. 

3)Amino acids are amphoteric because they can function as _________. 

4)The pI of an amino acid having pK1 = 2.5 and pK2 = 4.9 is: 

5)If the net charge of an amino acid under physiological conditions is negative, then the amino acid is a ___________. 

6)Based on the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, at what point is the pH of a weak acid equal to its pKa? 

7)The isoelectric point of an amino acid is 6.0. If the amino acid is dissolved in a buffer of pH 7.0 it will

8)At pH=PKa -1 the ionizable species will be: 

9)If the pKa of an acid is less, the acid will be:

10)At the equivalence point the species will be in 

11)The pH of a sample of blood is 7.4. The pH of a sample of gastric juice is 1.4. The blood sample has _________. 


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