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Parallel RC Circuits



1. A Parallel RC circuits consist of a 68 Ω resistor and a 0.015 µF capacitor with a 3V, 3.3 kHz supply. Calculate the branch currents, supply current and the phase angle of the supply current with respect to the supply voltage.

2. A parallel circuit has resistance of 5Ω and capacitance of .001µF all connected in parallel Determine its resonant frequency and bandwidth.

3. A parallel RC circuits consist of resistor 100 Ω and capacitor 0.001F with AC power source 50 V and 100 Hz. Calculate the total current flowing through the circuit?

4. Construct with a parallel RC circuit with resistor 50 Ω and capacitor 1 µF with power source 10 V and 100 Hz. Tabulate total current flowing through the circuit with decrease in frequency.

5. Design and construct a parallel RC circuit and observe what will happen to the current flow with change in capacitance.

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